Recently in General Category has a very interesting article about risk and people's perception of risk. It starts off talking only about car accidents and seatbelts, but eventually discusses the reason why people look on risk differently. For example, why are people afraid of shark bites, when you're dozens or hundreds of times more likely to die to a lightning strike? Meanwhile, we've spent hundreds of billions of dollars prosecuting a War on Terror which has circumscribed our liberties and weakened our nation, when a few billion spent on AIDs awareness, driver safety awareness, or an ad campaign about the dangers of too much sugar could have easily saved far, far more lives than we've lost to terrorist incidents in the past century.

It's definitely something to think about. Ultimately, it seems we fear things we should not, and do not fear things that we should.

We Win

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The democrats take control of both houses of Congress. And I breathe a small sigh of relief.

America, Denim, Focus

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Bureaucracy is bad. This isn't the US, but I think this sort of idiocy is very reflective of why bureaucracies are so bad. If you can't really improve things, try to do something to make it look like you're busy trying, right?

Solipsism at its best

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In a display of solipsism at its best, I've started 2 blogs in 2 days. Here's the other. But that's ok. I have a lot to say, usually.

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