We Win

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The democrats take control of both houses of Congress. And I breathe a small sigh of relief.

I'm not really ready to call myself a Democrat. I don't think like a lot of them. But the Republicans have pissed on their conservatives for too long. There are a lot of people like myself - fiscally conservative, socially moderate or liberal, for whom Republicans are the worst of all worlds. They shredded the Constitution, they outspent every administration in history, and they have nothing to show for it.

I'm very, very happy that corruption made it into the spotlight. This is the issue I have pushed. You can't abdicate insisting on honest legislators simply because you're afraid of the "other party". People who take lobbyist money and favors for votes, who are dishonest and corrupt, need to go. And when it becomes endemic and systematic to a party, that party needs to go. Good-bye, Republican Congress. Come back when you've learned that it is not enough to cut taxes, you must balance the budget also. Putting your largesse on the nation's credit card is NOT a viable economic policy.

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