Bob Graham on the retreat from American values

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dKos quotes this as from Hardball:

Andrea Mitchell: What do you think Americans really need to be worried about more...a terror attack or someone going into their hard drives and intercepting their emails?

Former Senator and Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham: Well, I think they need to be concerned about the effect of the United States seeing a retreat from our basic values at the same time we're trying to ask the countries from which the terrorists came to adopt principles of democracy and liberty. Wouldn't it be ironic if, at the same time, through our initiative, we were able to establish democracy in Iraq, but we were losing our basic liberties and freedoms at home?

I'm thankful a sane voice can be heard. I really need to read David Brin's Transparent Society, because as I understand it, the premise was that we will have more and more surveilance in the future and it isn't necessarily a "bad" thing - but we need do know who is "Watching the watchers" as it were. In this case, it should have been the FISA court.

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