United States For Sale

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Ok, not really. But if we're up to our ass in debt, we'll be in trouble. I lot of people won't like that I said, "Good for them" for Republicans cutting social programs. Would that be my first choice? No. But if you need to cut $100/mo to stay solvent and your significant other won't give up their uber MMO rental account that you consider fluff, you may have to cut out the lattes or even the good books. Does that make it the wrong choice? No. If you have to take a bullet, take it in a non-lethal zone. That doesn't mean we don't look for another way, but it does mean we sure as hell don't just spend spend spend. Democrats should actually see this as a chance to show fiscal leadership. Look for nonessential programs to cut and FORCE Republicans to cut some of their pet crap too if you can.

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