Offending the Faithful - Will the Sony CD Scandal Alienate Gamers?

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So there's some market research released by Nielsen about gamers.

Xbox 360 vs. PS3: While most are taking the wait and see approach, those that own and prefer Xbox are more likely to buy Xbox 360 than those that own and prefer PS2 are to buy the PS3

Ars Technica comments on this, saying:

Is this showing doubt on the part of the PlayStation faithful, or is this merely what we should except given the fact that so much more is certain about the Xbox 360 right now? My bet is on the latter.

My immediate reaction was: I bet you're right. I liked my PS2. I've never really liked Microsoft. The only reason I run Windows, at all, is because I want to play games, and I think trying to get my SLI setup running under Linux (where I spend more net time) would be a herculean task at best.

Then I realized: I don't like Sony any more either. How do I dislike thee, Sony? Let me count the ways:

  • You released the PSP with code signing and no open API, meaning I have to rely on a buffer overflow to use all the cool code out there. (This is why I do not own a PSP)
  • You demoted Ken Kutaragi, who called Sony's content controls "overly restrictive", in favor of promoting Howard Stringer, who headed the content divison and, unsurpisingly, supported DRM, leading to...
  • You started rootkitting people's boxes

BB notes what a fiasco this has become.

That, and you missed the boat as the industry swung away from tube TVs. You had the glorious Trinitron, and it didn't matter because of the sea change of LCD/Plasma/DLP. You've lost it.

Meanwhile, the temptation of the XBox is strong. I've lamented that I was never able to play Jade Empire because it was XBox only. Next up, they're going to XBox-only Mass Effect, damn them.

It's not that Microsoft has gotten any better, but you can almost sense them being eaten alive by the churning froth of web applications springing up all over the place. Soon, gaming will be the only thing keeping anyone on Windows. Hell, if we see Linux permeate some foreign market - say, China - we may well see Linux simultaneous release become mandatory. You want millions of Chinese people to play your MMO? Better make it for Linux. In a sense, it's one reason I've always hoped Microsoft successfully clamped down on privacy. I think 100% legal, authorized copies of Windows would make Linux a market leader in a matter of a year and change.

So even if you liked the PS2 - and I did - has Sony crossed the line? Honestly, how wants to buy a game system from the losers who slipped a buggy rootkit onto millions of CDs without a word? And Sony doesn't think they did anything wrong, and have said as much through their RIAA mouthpiece.

So, Sony, you unabashed, unapologetic, out of touch giant - here's to your recklessness... and my XBox?

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